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Boba Tea Gift Set Summer Fruits (12 Drinks)

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Summer Fruits Popping Boba Tea Gift Set: Your At-Home Bubble Tea Oasis

Escape to a tropical bubble tea paradise with the Summer Fruits Popping Boba Tea Gift Set. Crafted for bubble tea enthusiasts and novices alike, this kit enables you to create your own vibrant and refreshing bubble tea delights.

Compliant with Vegan and Gluten-Free diets, our all-in-one Bubble Tea Kit comes equipped to create 12 delightful drinks. The kit features an exquisite selection of flavours including Mango, Raspberry, Kiwi, and Blueberry, along with our signature popping boba in various flavours.

A Summer Soiree of Flavours

Every sip transports you to a summer garden party, with fruity flavours dancing on your taste buds. Let the popping boba add a surprising twist, turning every bubble tea into a fun-filled drink.

Bubble Tea Adventures with SoSweet

At SoSweet, our passion for Bubble Tea is contagious. We're here to equip you with top-notch ingredients and inspire you to craft your favourite bubble tea right at home. Delve into the bountiful world of boba today and let the fun begin!

Take a sip of summer with the Summer Fruits Popping Boba Tea Gift Set. At SoSweet, we bring joy to your taste buds!