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Vidal Bag Pina Colada Slices (3kg)

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  • 23 in stock
  • SKU: VDL-0220
Barcode: 8413178346313
3.0 kg


  • Pineapple
  • Coconut

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Taste the Tropics with Vidal Pina Colada Slices (3kg)

Embark on a tropical journey with Vidal Pina Colada Slices. This 3kg package delivers the perfect blend of pineapple and coconut, offering a sweet and tangy delight that tastes just like the classic cocktail.

A Vacation in Every Bite

Say goodbye to the ordinary and hello to extraordinary with Vidal Pina Colada Slices. Each slice encapsulates the essence of a tropical paradise, immersing your taste buds in a whirlwind of refreshing pina colada flavour.

Vidal: A Celebration of Flavours

Step into the vibrant universe of Vidal candies. Renowned for their innovative flavours and high-quality products, Vidal invites you to explore their eclectic confectionery offerings. Discover more Vidal treats at SoSweetShop UK.

A Candy Treat that's Hard to Beat

Vidal Pina Colada Slices are the ideal way to add a burst of tropical fun to any event. With 3kg at your disposal, these tasty slices make for perfect party favours, gifts, or personal indulgences. Dive into this tropical treat today.